Nature is calling

Florida Myst Hikers


We are a hiking group located in west central Florida.

Our hiking season runs roughly from late October through April.

My goal for this group is to gather those that enjoy moderate hiking and give safety in numbers. I plan on having a variety of hiking trails vs rotating monthly. Suggestion of good trails is encouraged. Trail length can be anywhere from 2-10 miles.

Member’s dues are only $10.00 per year, less than a dollar a month.



Rivers & Ponds

Florida Trails




Game Day

bring your own food & Drink

Picnic Lunch

Plan an Afternoon or a Group Outing

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We’ll bring it right down to the dirt!

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Benefits of Hiking

Reduction of heart disease.

Lower blood pressure.

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Combats diabetes

Tackles obesity

Reduces anxiety and depression

Improves sleep

Builds strong muscles and bones

Improves arthritis

Helps with balance

I hope these benefits along with being surrounded with the beauty of nature will encourage you to join our group. I look forward to meeting you.


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