Nature is calling

Florida Myst Hikers

Benefits of Hiking

1. Reduction of heart disease.

2. Lower blood pressure.

3. Combats diabetes

4. Tackles obesity

5. Reduces anxiety and depression

6. Improves sleep

7. Builds strong muscles and bones

8. Improves arthritis

9. Helps with balance


I hope these benefits along with being surrounded with the beauty of nature will encourage you to join our group. I look forward to meeting you.

CPR Essentials

CPR Essentials

Clearing Common Misconceptions for Effective TechniqueIntroduction: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an essential emergency procedure that can be a life-saver when performed correctly. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding CPR that could hinder its...

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Hiking vs. Walking

Hiking vs. Walking

Hiking vs. WalkingHiking and walking are both physical activities that involve moving on foot, but they typically differ in terms of intensity, terrain, purpose, and equipment. Intensity and Terrain: Walking: Walking is generally considered a low to moderate intensity...

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